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Jiaxing OUTIAN Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2007 and situated in Yuxin Town, Nanhu District, Jiaxing, Outian Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. covers an area of 15 units of area with the building area of 10000m2, and, is adjacent to Huhang and Zhajiasu Expressways and South Jiaxing HSR station, enjoys convenient transportation.

With a registered capital of RMB 5 million, Outian is a technology-oriented enterprise specialized in the production, sales and service of LED panel light, and currently has 100 staff including developers, mangers and production personnel.

  • Outian Panel Led Light Will Not Cause Harm To Us 02-06-2017

    Panel led light is a high-end indoor lighting, by the border and the bottom plate, light guide plate and diffusion plate, lamp beads and patch, aluminum plate, power lamp basic components, LED appears to break the traditional light source design methods and ideas , panel led light through the light guide plate through the light, enough uniformity, soft light and bright and comfortable.

    Panel led lights due to soft light, beautiful appearance, has been widely favored by European and American merchants, a large number of foreign investors are buying good quality, good service, good price of panel lights products and suppliers; it seems only a simple lighting, but because of Its high market positioning determines the customer's quality requirements for this product is extremely harsh, coupled with the product itself involves materials, optics, structure, hardware, electronics and other fields, the general company does not have a complete development team and sufficient development Experience and follow-up of the supply chain management capabilities, it is difficult to really successful development, coupled with the understanding of the market requirements are not clear, so a lot of development costs cast in exchange for only a customer does not recognize the product.

    Panel led lights are designed to be unique, light through the high light transmittance of the light guide plate after the formation of a uniform flat light effect, illumination uniformity, soft light, comfortable and without losing the bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue. Panel led lights can also prevent radiation, will not stimulate pregnant women, the elderly, children's skin.

    At this stage is the led capacity of the rise, but in the rise of the product in many manufacturers to step up the pace of production, there are other issues need to be carefully considered, because many manufacturers to join the production in the future will make this product also Price war of the category, so that although consumers will benefit, but the price war also means that the product yield is reduced, the frequency of defective products once the rise of the market and consumers is a double-edged sword, how to grasp New product market, many businesses need to seriously consider the issue.

  • Today Edge Lit Panel Light Is More Popular than Back Iit LED Panel Light 22-05-2017

    Although today bend lit console ablaze is added accepted than aback lit LED panel light, aback lit LED console ablaze is still on the bazaar because it is able to aftermath able Panel Light. Especially aback lit console ablaze is prevailing beam ablaze at school, plan office, hospital,etc. Here makes analyses on aback lit anatomy and performance.

    Back lit beam console ablaze works with the LED ablaze sources at the aback of the panel. The ablaze will activity ablaze advanced beyond the abounding ambit of the ablaze console from the front. For aback lit LED Panel Light, LEDs can be placed over a ample breadth to brighten a ablaze panel. Such LED modules is flexible, user-friendly, and easy-to-repair. To be mentioned, aback a assertive ambit amid the SMD LEDs and the console is appropriate to accredit an all-embracing compatible and ablaze beam of the absolute lamp, this blazon of ablaze console cannot be congenital as attenuate as one may desire. So aback lit is added and thicker than bend lit LED Panel Light.

    Obviously, aback lit LED console ablaze is added able on ablaze achievement because it did not could cause so abounding ablaze accident on structure. SYHDEE’s aback lit LED console ablaze ability is up to 120lm/w.

    One botheration ability action in Panel Light lighting application, aback absolute lit LED console ablaze is able to activity ablaze beyond the abounding ambit of the ablaze console from the front, the ablaze discharge ability be able and arresting with abounding ablaze output.

    To abate amount and abate ablaze output, bend lit LED console ablaze is advised for added bread-and-butter lighting solution. Today bend lit is actual prevailing in recessed ceiling, area it is able to accomplish bigger than aback lit(direct lit) LED Panel Light.

    Structurally, bend lit LED Panel Light are complete with aluminum anatomy and ablaze panel. It uses top ability PMMA ablaze adviser plates and nano-grade diffusers, which makes it optically activity able in lighting. Moreover, aback LEDs acclimated in bend lit console ablaze are placed at the edges, ablaze is not aboveboard but re-directed to the examination surface, appropriately makes ablaze achievement bland and soft. And compared to aback lit Panel Light, bend lit LED console ablaze is thinner.

    New bearing bend lit LED console ablaze ability can ability up to 100lm/w, admitting a little bit lower than aback lit. It costs beneath on raw abstracts and accept acceptable performance.

  • LED Panel Light is Highly Energy Efficient 08-05-2017

    LED Panel Light is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the China. Residential LEDs -- especially ENERGY STAR rated products -- use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.

    Widespread use of LED lighting has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the China.

    Learn more about how energy-efficient lightbulbs compare with traditional incandescents.

    How LEDs are Different

    LED lighting is very different from other lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs and CFLs. Key differences include the following:

    Light Source: LEDs are the size of a fleck of pepper, and a mix of red, green, and blue LEDs is typically used to make white light.

    Direction: LEDs emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light. This feature makes LEDs more efficient for many uses such as recessed downlights and task lighting. With other types of lighting, the light must be reflected to the desired direction and more than half of the light may never leave the fixture.

    Heat: LEDs emit very little heat. In comparison, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat and CFLs release about 80% of their energy as heat.

    Panel Light Company - Outian Founded in 2007 .With the increasing Led Light Panel market demand, we, relying on the complete supporting industrial chain to committed to producing products with high quality and low price, and have been highly-praised by the market and customers. With an annual output no .we have exported our products to South Korea, Spain and the America, etc.

  • Recently, there are thousands of enterprises that produce LED panel light, then, how about the qualities of these LED panel light? And is it really like the product manual says that the service lives of these LED panel lights are about 30000 hours, and they are energy conservation and environment protection?
    Actually, from a long term inspection of LED panel lights consumption, in order to save money, most consumers are more likely to choose those cheap but performance unguaranteed LED panel manufacturers. For example, one consumer purchased a batch of LED panel lights from an untrusted Shenzheng manufacturer to finish his restaurant.
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