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LED Panel Light 600×600 48W

Model No.: OT-CQW6060-48

Item Type:LED panel light


Color:Silver/White LED source:SMD4014

Color Temperature(CCT):3000K-6500K

CRI: ≥80

Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): ≧4200lm

Input Voltage: AC110-260V

Output Voltage: DC54-70V

Output current : 600mA±5%


Beam angle:105±5

Working tine :50000hours

Certification: CE, RoHS

PF :≥0.9

Installation Methods:reccessed, ceiling , surface-mounted

Original Place :Zhe Jiang China
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600×600 48W Product Specifications

Practical application

Video requires vpn to access foreign users can see normally

PMMA laser cutting machine cutting operations

PMMA sheet removal operation

The light guide plate appearance inspection work

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