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Why Switch to LED Panels

  • Update:29-08-2016
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    Replacing your existing fluorescent modular ceiling lig […]

    Replacing your existing fluorescent modular ceiling lights with Led Panels is a fast and easy way to enjoy significant savings on energy. Besides, you can also benefit from the reduced maintenance and electricity costs and a brighter environment.

    There are very compelling reasons to switch, with a payback of around 1-2 years or less depending on installation, cleaning, tube replacement and disposal costs. LED panels have been designed to be highly cost effective and now is a good time to make the investment and switch.

    The size of the LED panel you will need will be largely governed by your existing ceiling grid. Once the old fitting is removed, it takes a matter of minutes to install a drop-in LED panel. LED panels have an integrated LED drive with a plug-and-socket connector for rapid installation. If you are refurbishing a space, you can use the opportunity to switch to LED and optimize your lighting in terms of light output and cost. Costs can be reduced further by the use of control systems for occupancy detection. Work can be carried out in phases if required to minimize disruption. Please contact a qualified electrician for the installation of panels.

    Generally, you will need to make sure that there is enough depth and adequate ventilation for the new panel to be fitted. If replacing traditional panels, LED back-lit panels provide a perfect drop-in solution.

    If you have a narrow ceiling void or want to suspend panels, then, edge-lit LED panels are ideal. Now, LED panels have been designed to be installed in most common (24 and 15mm) exposed ceiling grids.

    With traditional fluorescent fittings up to 40% of the light is "lost" in the fitting itself. LED panels deliver a wider beam angle with more usable light with less power when compared to fluorescent fittings, which means you can:

    1. Upgrade. Enjoy higher light levels by replacing existing panels one-for-one with no changes to the ceiling grid.

    2. Optimize. Achieve similar or brighter light levels by using less LED fittings than existing. It means that in a room that has 4 light fittings across, you may be able to reduce to 3 across using LED panels, making even more savings.

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