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Why Led Light is Used So Wide

  • Update:19-12-2016
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    Led Lighting works much better than traditional lightin […]

    Led Lighting works much better than traditional lighting solutions, such as halogen flood lights or metal halide lamps, for a number of reasons, including:

    Lower energy consumption (LED’s offer the lowest possible running costs: less than 100 watts for the highest power units; whereas with other forms of lighting much more energy is wasted generating heat)

    Superior quality illumination (even spread of light, no dark or bright spots, better targeting especially with higher-end LED lighting products)

    Longer product life and reliability (up to 100,000 hours - in comparison fluorescent bulbs typically last 10,000 hours and incandescent bulbs 1,000; the best Led products available today deliver 10 years life, with warranty)

    No maintenance (no bulb failure, no down-time)

    Instant start (no warm up time for full light output)

    Suitable for challenging environments (higher-end products are weather-hardened, hot and cold climate tolerant, vandal resistant)

    Flexibility of installation and maintenance (with new and specialist developments such as poe, and explosion protected lighting)

    With its higher performance and lower power consumption Led lighting provides an ideal solution for any application.

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