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Round Led Panel Light Basics II

  • Update:10-10-2016
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    These panels rely on advanced back lighting technology […]

    These panels rely on advanced back lighting technology and, as mentioned above, they come in a full range of colors. In addition to the classic RGB, you can opt for yellow, cool white, warm white, natural white and such colors. Also, the round Led Panel Light can consume as little as one fifth of the total amount of energy a classic incandescent bulb panel would consume, and there are no RF interferences whatsoever. Besides this, the acrylic housing coupled with the aluminum back deliver outstanding thermal management.

    In spite of its numerous benefits, it must be said that the round LED panel is intended exclusively for indoor use, as it is not designed to withstand very harsh environmental conditions. These panels are not suitable for wet or damp conditions, as the inner circuits are prone to fail when moisture reaches them, even though they come with an acrylic housing.

    Free of lead and mercury, the round LED panel lights are very resistant to shock and vibration and the average life span is of 40,000-50,000 hours, depending on the conditions where they are used.

    What’s more, the simple and straightforward “plug & use” mechanism of action make these panels a very popular option these days, as they provide great illumination without any effort. The average lumen output is between 500-700 lumens and the color temperature ranges anywhere between 2500 and 6500 (from warm white to cold white). The color rendering index is above 80 and the power factor is usually between 92% and 97%. The panels are dimmable and they come with recessed wiring.

    Given the easy and convenient push-in type of installation, the round LED panel lights are very common in warehouses, supermarkets, exhibition halls, hospitals, hotels, museums, offices, shopping malls or corridors. These LED panels are also suitable for staircase lighting and they are perfect both for commercial and for residential use. At the same time, it is not uncommon to see round LED panels in colleges and universities, lower elementary schools, institution buildings, conference or meeting rooms and even factories.

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