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Round Led Panel Light Basics I

  • Update:09-10-2016
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    Round Led Panel Light are versatile, easy to install an […]

    Round Led Panel Light are versatile, easy to install and very easy to manage in the long run, and they come with very good heat conduction features as well. These panels are portable, highly convenient and very cost effective, and they come in a wide array of sizes and colors.

    Generally speaking, the sole difference between round and rectangular or square LED panel lights is that their shape is different . Other than that, all these panels have the same functions and features, as they are especially designed to provide top-notch lighting with considerably less power, which results in lower electricity bills.

    The round LED panel lights have acrylic material on the inside, which aims to provide uniform and efficient light output even when used for a prolonged period of time. The direct lighting method delivers high luminous efficacy, and the panels require little to no maintenance which makes them perfect for areas that require constant, low-maintenance illumination such as industrial buildings.

    Moreover, the covers of the panel are usually made from anti-glare material, which has an outstanding heat dissipation structure that ensures uniform and even lighting. The panel dimensions may differ, although all of them are created for delivering a wide and generous optical lighting angle.

    The luminous efficacy of the round LED panel lights is usually not as high as the efficacy of the flat LED panels, although it is still very efficient as it often exceeds 75 lumens per Watt. Some of the most important benefits of the round panels is that they do not make any flickering when turned on, they make no noise and generate no UV light whatsoever. They have a high power factor and a very low luminous decay, meaning that they do not degrade in time. The round LED panel lights are available in different colors, so you can opt for the single, traditional white color, or you can choose bi-color panels, red panels, blue, green and such.

    The input voltage varies from one manufacturer to another, although these round panels are designed to fit most plugs (100-277 volts). The life time of round LED panel light, that same as other LED panel lights, often exceeds 5 years, and the average color temperature ranges anywhere between 2700k and 6500k.

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