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Properties of Square LED Panel Light II

  • Update:01-09-2016
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    Color Led Panel Light are available in various colors, […]


    Led Panel Light are available in various colors, but majority of the square LED panel light colors available in the market are white (warm white, natural white and cold white), with warm white having the lowest Luminous Flux (perceived power of light) ratings and cold white having the highest.

    Installation Options

    LED panel lights are easy to install. There are four options in installation: built-in, mounted, recessed and suspended. Built-in and recessed installation offer a seamless look, although the later may not be as efficient. Mounted and suspended panel lights can draw attention to the LED panel style and give a more dramatic look.


    LED lights are not likely to burn out. In fact, their life span is not measured by the time it takes for them to stop functioning altogether, but by the time that it takes for the luminescence to drop by 30%. The theoretical life span of LED lights is around 100,000 hours, which means that they could last for around 27 years. However, the average life span is around 60, 000 hours, which means that they could last up to 20 years when used for 8 hours every day. That is significantly better than the life span of CFLs (6,000 to 1,5000 hours) and incandescent bulbs (1,500 hours). The resin body is also vibration-resistant, which makes the LED light panel more durable. The significantly longer lifespan results to reduced bulb replacement costs.

    Energy Efficiency

    LED lighting systems are extremely energy efficient. It has been established that these lighting systems produce high intensity light, but when designed properly, an LED circuit could also have as much as 80% energy efficiency. Note that most incandescent operate at 20% efficiency, which means that of the energy used, only 20% was actually converted to light energy and the rest was released as heat energy. Square LED panel lights do not use up as much energy and still have excellent light outputs.

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