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Properties of Square LED Panel Light I

  • Update:31-08-2016
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    Square Led Panel Light have revolutionized lighting, th […]

    Square Led Panel Light have revolutionized lighting, the sleek design gives a streamlined look to any room, and the high intensity, soft lighting is conducive to work. They are also the most cost-efficient lighting solution today, which is why many businesses are now making the move to LED panel lighting systems.

    Fixture Construction: The square LED panel light is just like most LED panel lights. This lighting fixture features an aluminum frame to house the semiconductor light source (the Light Emitting Diodes), the light guide plate, the diffuser and the reflective plate. The guide plate is the optical system designed to direct the light and create homogenous lighting. It is typically an acrylic sheet etched with a dot matrix design. It is usually made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), although polycarbonate (PC) sheets are used if better thermal management is required. The high efficiency diffuser located at the front of the guide plate also helps ensure smooth lighting distribution, resulting to a soft glow. Behind the guide plate is the reflective panel that makes high lumen lighting possible.

    These layers are mounted unto a square solid back cover. Some LED panel lights, particularly the ones with bigger capacity, come with heat sink systems to regulate heat. Some also come with fittings that make it possible to dim the lights when needed.

    Performance: Not only are LED panel lights a high lumen light source, they also utilize a high efficiency current drive system. Heat dissipation is excellent as well. LEDs are also often configured in such a way that each bulb, or group of bulbs, can be independently switched on and off. The special circuit design of most LED panel lights in the market today would enable the lighting system to still function despite a single broken LED. Square LED panel lights could instantly flood the room with light when switched; there would be no flickering and no humming. There would also be no RF interference.

    Modern Style

    While the flexibility of the light source makes it possible to come up with LED panel lights in various shapes, the square LED panel light remains to be one of the most widely used because of the sleek style, which can give any setting a modern and organized look. These panel lighting systems would look great in residential buildings, but they would look best in offices, conference rooms and lobbies, or virtually any setting that would benefit from a business-like atmosphere.

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