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Lighting With LED Panels in Filmmaking

  • Update:10-04-2017
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    Due to its ease of use, LED panels are becoming more an […]

    Due to its ease of use, LED panels are becoming more and more popular. By following these film production techniques, make sure you use them effectively.

    LED panel shooting has a different feeling. On the one hand, they are very convenient, efficient and easy to set up. But at the same time, with their cooperation there are undeniable shortcomings.

    When used directly, LED panels usually do not produce very satisfactory results. In other words, if you just flick on your LED panel and point out your talents, the overall light quality may not be what you are looking for. Many corporate videos, events, and other lower budget products are shot with LED panels incorrectly, and their material can look cheap.

    Instead, always use the modifier to soften the light. You may want to get a soft box system for your LED panel, or you can simply use some silk or reflective.

    Most LED panels can now choose to reduce the brightness, which is a very useful feature. However, the problem is that dimming is not always good, and many LED panels are prone to flickering when they are not explored at full speed.

    Like fluorescent lamps, LED panels are often prone to minor color changes that can make skin color and other elements read strangely on the camera. Color correction can solve this problem to a certain extent, but if you regularly shoot the LED panel, then the panel will not actually encounter this problem will be better. Before you buy the LED kit, do the online job first and make sure you get something of good quality.

    Now many of the updated LED panels allow you to choose between tungsten and daylight to mix color temperature. In other words, they will have two separate combinations of LED bulbs, you can not only choose to use any of them, and can use them at the same time. This is an amazing feature, but at the same time it is one of the most frequently abused features in the LED panel.

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