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LED Panels-What You Should Know

  • Update:02-10-2016
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    As a matter of fact, with LED panels, more light doesn’ […]

    As a matter of fact, with LED panels, more light doesn’t always mean more power. Just like cars, you can have highly efficient, high tech models that will save massively on fuel compared to inefficient petrol-guzzling models.This is true for LED panels as well. Recently, many manufacturers are still using older technology to drive their “cheap” panels, while initially you may save a few pounds per panel, over the lifetime of the panel and taking into account only energy costs, a considerable financial saving can be made by choosing the more efficient LED panels.

    LED panels use the latest technology to deliver ultra-efficiency and high light output. They use less power to produce comparable light output than less efficient panels, providing financial savings year-after-year of up to 44%. LED products are designed to last many years. Both the long term financial and environmental benefits of installing LED panels are significant in terms of cost savings and energy efficiency. For larger projects, the savings can be more substantial, no matter what size the installation, savings will quickly exceed the difference in panel unit cost.

    You know, lumens are a measure of the total light output. The higher the lumens, the higher the light output. Lumens divided by power (Watts) gives a measure of the efficiency of an LED panel. The higher the lumens per watt, the more efficient an LED panel is. This is comparable to miles- per-gallon (MPG) or litres-per-100km for fuel efficiency. Make sure you check the lumens-per-watt rating. For example, an LED panel with a 3600 lumen output and a power rating of 45 Watts would have an 80 lumens-per-watt rating (80 lm/W).

    Apart from efficiency, color temperature is also an important consideration when choosing LED panels. The color temperature describes how the light from an LED panel will look and is denoted in Kelvin (K)

    Cool White: 4000 to 5000K for clean modern look ideal for offices, schools, retail and commercial areas. This is the most popular choice for LED panels

    Warm White: 2700 to 3000K for a more traditional golden color associated with filament lamps for areas like nursing homes.

    Generally, LED panels are completed with a non-dimmable LED driver. If you require a dimming function, you will need to replace the current driver with a suitable dimmable driver and controller.

    In most installations you will have to consider emergency lighting for a number of panels. In the event of a power failure, the emergency LED panel light will continue to provide some light in define areas such as escape routes for at least three hours. Local and national building regulations should be followed. Since LED panels use less power, they are very suitable as emergency panels as well.

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