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LED Panel Light Structure Analysis

  • Update:23-08-2016
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    With the development of LED light industry, Led Panel L […]

    With the development of LED light industry, Led Panel Light is derived from LED backlight with the characteristics of uniform source of light, no glare and exquisite structure, which is very popular among us. The main materials of LED panel light structure are as following.

    1. Aluminum frame

    The appearance and main structures of LED panel light generally use aluminum extrusion mold, with the advantages of low initial investment cost, good surface appearance, and good heat dissipation. Recently, some manufacturers have produced the LED light with casting framework, thus IP grade can be a little higher with better efficiency of light and more attractive appearance, but the initial investment cost is higher.

    2. Diffuser plate

    Diffuser plate generally uses acrylic diffuser plate or PC materials. Acrylic diffuser plate with lower cost but higher light transmission than PC, is poor in anti-aging. On the other hand, the price of PC is slightly higher, but it is good at anti-aging. After installation of the diffuser plate, the screen dot should not be seen and its light transmission rate should be up to 90%. Acrylic light transmission rate is 92% and that of PC is 88% . Generally, the materials of diffuser plate can be chosen according to different requirements and usually the acrylic materials are used.

    3. Light guide plate

    The side LED light changes the angle of light ray by light refraction of screen dot. Light guide plate is the heart of the LED panel light and its screen dot design is very important. If the screen dot design is not good, the overall lighting effect will be bad. The questions will generally include:1. Bright in the middle and dark in both sides. 2. bright in both sides and dark in the middle.

    4. Rear cover

    Sealing lamp body usually uses aluminum. The overall texture is good and it plays a role of dissipating heat.

    5. LED lighting source

    Generally speaking, the luminous efficiency of different LED panel lights vary depend on the volt the light bulb will consume. Also, the screen dot is designed according to different requirements, it can either be economical or high cost. Usually, when just beginning to produce the panel light, you can buy other manufacturers’ light guide plate to use and not be necessary to design the samples.

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