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Led Panel Light Structure Analysis II

  • Update:25-08-2016
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    6. Drive power There are two kinds of power modes for L […]

    6. Drive power

    There are two kinds of power modes for Led Panel Light. First, directly using cross-flow power (this mode has high efficiency and the PF value is up to 0.95, so it is cost-effective). Second, constant pressure with cross-flow mode (this mode is stable, but with low efficiency and high cost). Generally speaking, the second mode is designed for customers who require certification. Because the lamp is of 24V input voltage and doesn’t need to do safety certificate. It can be shipped to each shelf by using the power supply with safety certificate.

    In addition, there are some common notes of LED panel light during its designing process.

    1. Thermal adhesive needs to be as thin as possible and using thermal adhesive with glue will be better, or the thermal conductivity will be affected.

    2. The selection of diffuser plate. Now many manufacturers of LED panel light usually choose smooth diffuser plate with matte board. There is a drawback of this diffuser plate, namely, more static. It will be easy to attract ash and produce bright during the process of production, moreover, the dust will enter the lamp through various ways in a long-term use, which will cause the intense bright. The double diffuser plate was used at the early stage and this kind of diffuser plate has less static with good lighting effect, so it is good to avoid dust in the lamp.

    3. The selection of LED light. Try to use the light with high efficiency. Because the side emitting panel light has limitations in heat dissipation and luminous flux output. The heat dissipation will be affected if the power is high and the light efficiency is low.

    4. Avoid gluing the reflective paper into the smooth. Because the glue will absorb the light and it is prone to produce light into the smooth side. But a large area of light guide plate needs to glue, or it will have shadow. If the reflective paper is not sticky, the mentioned will happen when the reflective paper is warped in the lamp.

    Above are the structure of a typical LED panel light. Knowing these knowledge of LED panel light, so you can effectively use your own fittings.

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