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  • Update:20-03-2017
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    LED flat lamp compared with other lighting, the advanta […]

    LED flat lamp compared with other lighting, the advantages are very prominent: ultra-thin, ultra-bright, ultra-energy, long life, easy to worry! Green. However, LED plate light quality difference is very large, consumers do not know how to choose?

    Pay attention to the "lighting cooling conditions - materials, structure": LED lighting cooling is also very important, the same power factor lighting and the same quality lamp beads, if the heat conditions are not good, the lamp beads at high temperatures, the light will be great, Lighting life will be reduced. The use of heat dissipation materials are mainly copper, aluminum, PC, copper thermal conductivity than aluminum, aluminum thermal conductivity than the PC is good, and now the radiator material is generally the largest aluminum, the best for the insert aluminum, aluminum car, the most Poor is cast aluminum, insert the best aluminum heat dissipation!

    Pay at attention the use of lighting power supply, power supply life relative to other parts of the lighting, the life is much shorter, the life of the power supply affect the overall life of the lamp, lamp beads of the theoretical life of 5-10 million hours, and power life 0.2 -3 million hours, the power of the design and material selection will determine the power supply life. The appearance of the use of aluminum alloy power supply is better than the engineering plastics, one of its heat is good, the second is the transport and use of the process can effectively protect the inside of the parts are not crushed and loose, reducing the power drive failure rate.

    Light effect: the same lamp bead power, the higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the brightness, the same brightness, power consumption, the more energy-efficient. Power efficiency, power efficiency, the higher the better, the higher the power itself, the smaller the power consumption, the greater the output power.

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