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How to Choose Commercial LED Lighting Vendor I

  • Update:12-10-2016
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    The LED lighting industry is expanding rapidly and it s […]

    The LED lighting industry is expanding rapidly and it seems that within just a few years, product choices have multiplied at an exponential rate. So, how do you go about finding the right vendor and the right product? Price may seem like the go-to deciding factor when selecting the lighting for your project, but selecting the right commercial LED lighting vendor may mean the difference between a satisfactory installation and a major disappointment. Here are some things we have learned from our customers that have been vital to the success of their projects.

    Commercial LED lighting is such a flexible technology that it allows one project to have multiple solutions. For example, lighting under kitchen cabinets can be accomplished with tape light, pucks, light bars and more. The right LED vendor will walk you through several options for your project and help you decide what fixture has the appropriate form factor for your application.

    How much support do you need for your project outside of just buying the lights? Already know exactly what product you need to get the job done? Do you have a vision of how you’d like to light up a space but not sure how to go about it? Pick a company that provides project assistance and product recommendations.

    The best support is when you can get help on a lighting schematic with an estimate and no pressure to purchase. Find someone who can walk you through an installation and will be available in case you need extra care for unexpected challenges. Can they provide in-person help in addition to over the phone and email? If needed, see if they can custom design and manufacture a lighting solution.

    In the end, you want to find support from people who are product specialists. Customer service that can be there before, during and after your installation and not just a distributor who tells you to look for the number of the manufacturer.

    What is your lead time? How fast can you get the product in your hands? Look up shipping details and see if your order will be shipped 7-10 days or same day. Check if a rush order is available and for how much. Another thing to consider when choosing Commercial LED Lighting besides shipping time is if they have enough volume of what you need in stock. A company with low or no inventory could add more wait time if more product needs to be ordered.

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