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How to Choose Best Panel Light

  • Update:27-03-2017
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    Human has been use of light for 200 years of history, f […]

    Human has been use of light for 200 years of history, from the earliest incandescent to later fluorescent, energy saving lamps,Panel Light, every change is accompanied by a huge upgrade of the quality of the light source.

    In recent years, we are no longer strange for the LED light source, but its real life experience is not known to everyone. Today, we talk about those LED lights that are different from the characteristics of the older generation, which is why more and more families choose LED lighting reasons.

    Nowadays, we begin to know LED light, but not everyone can understand why LED lighting is better. This article would talk about the difference between the characteristics of the older and the newest generation of LED lights, which is the reasons for more and more families to choose panel LED lighting.

    We know that LED light is an energy-saving lamp, but you can not wonder it saves how much energy totally. The same lighting effect of the case, the LED lamp power consumption is one thousandth of incandescent. The use of panel LED lights is more energy-saving than the use of the same lighting lamps!

    Traditional incandescent lamps always have a disadvantage that is easily overlooked, especially if there is a child, always worrying about the lamp, the bedside lamp attracts the child to touch, causing burns. Panel LED lights do not produce infrared, less heat; at the same time, LED heat dissipation and traditional halogen light source, the heat distribution decreased, the surface is almost cool, even if the direct touch is no safety risks. Choose LED lighting does not produce burning sensation, and is more comfortable and safe.

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