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Different Installation Ways of LED Panel Light

  • Update:18-01-2017
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    LED panel lights are an ideal replacement for the old/t […]

    LED panel lights are an ideal replacement for the old/traditional grid based fluorescent luminaries. They have become increasingly popular because they offer a uniform and extremely harmonious lighting environment that can’t be offered by conventional lamps.

    LED panel lights are also popular because they are powered by low voltage current drivers. This makes them safe as well as energy efficient. The fact that the current driver is constant also helps to make the lamp long lasting. The most common places you are likely to find these panel lights include hospitals, schools, hallways and lobbies, meeting rooms, restaurants, and offices.

    Installation of LED panel lights is an annoying job for many people, so we decided to walk you through the installation process quickly.

    LED panel lights could be installed in four ways – built in, recessed, mounted, or suspended. Built in and recessed installation offers a modern and sleeker look, albeit the latter provides more subdued lighting. Mounted LED lights typically highlight the style of the fixture, while suspended installation is required for chandeliers and pendant lights.

    First of all, many of you may not be aware of the LED technology, so please go through the user manual before proceeding to install the panel lights. This is to understand the different components used in the device, which helps in the later stages of installation. You need to handle them carefully as they are delicate in nature.

    Now, the second step is locating a suitable place for mounting the LED panel lights. The best place to mount is an area which is closer to the power socket, which in turn reduces the length of the wire. Then, take a note of the dimensions of the panel so that you can drill holes wherever required to mount the LED panel.


    1. Install the accessories to the panel lights.

    2. Use screws to fix the four hanging cables onto the roof. Make sure that the 4 steel cables are adjusted so that the LED panel is horizontally aligned.


    1. Fasten the clip on the place where the panel light is installed, such as the ceiling.

    2. Screw the other clip to the panel.

    3. Screw the two clips using screws.


    1. Remove the traditional grid lights.

    2. Choose the replacement that fits exactly in the grid.

    3. Recess the LED panel light into the grid. In case of falling down, it is recommended that you use screws to fix the four hanging cables onto the roof.


    1. Screw the brackets onto the panel in right position by 4 pieces of countersunk head screws, and make sure they’re tight.

    2. Drill a hole in the ceiling in accordance with the size of the bracket, then put the bulge plug in. And finally, use the screws to fasten the panel into the holes.

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