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Commercial LED Lighting - What are the Benefits

  • Update:13-01-2017
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    Learning to let go of what is no longer beneficial, esp […]

    Learning to let go of what is no longer beneficial, especially when there is a decent and better substitution for it, has always been a trait of highly-developed minds, societies, and cultures. The incandescent light bulb may have been a bright idea many many years ago, however, today it is not so, since it contributes in large proportion to the global warming. Luckily, the latest developments regarding light-emitting diode technology have led us to commercial LED lighting products, the use of which in the commercial lighting market is only set to rise.

    Below, we’ll go over through some of the key benefits which are steadily convincing the world that LED technology is a quantum leap in the field of commercial lighting.

    Cutting Consumption in Half: LED lights are far more efficient than the incandescent type of bulbs, since the latter produce more heat than light. Commercial LED lighting might be more expensive, but it is a choice that promises return on investment in the long run. In addition, don’t forget that during summer nights, you can even cut the cost of the energy bill in regard to running your air conditioner a lot less frequently. In the food and beverage industry, more and more companies are making a very important decision to install LEDs in their refrigerators, thus waving goodbye to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs that produce too much heat.

    Better Control: Beyond their practical lighting function, LED lights have the power to impress anyone entering your business area. Some of the reasons why commercial LED lighting is becoming the most popular choice are: smart phone optimization, dim-ability, occupancy sensors, timers, and daylighting.

    Longer Lifespan and More Quality: Designed to burn somewhere between 60,000 to 100, 000 hours all while producing better light quality at a lower cost, it becomes more than clear that switching to commercial LED lighting means saving money while using the better product.

    A Safer Life: Another thing that really makes a whole lot of difference between incandescent and LED lights is the presence/absence of mercury. The first have it, the latter do not. We all know that being exposed to mercury is a risk upon one’s health that everyone should seek to minimize. This makes LED lights safer for both you and the environment.

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