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Commercial LED Lighting - The Application Fields

  • Update:11-10-2016
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    Commercial LED Lighting is becoming increasingly common […]

    Commercial LED Lighting is becoming increasingly common. In part, this is due to the cost-effective and energy-efficient nature of LED lighting. But since many LED lights have a durable construction and remarkable flexibility, commercial LED lighting is appearing everywhere from restaurants to retail spaces to cruise ships. Here are some examples of how commercial LED lighting is being used.

    Cruise ships are using waterproof LED lights for aisle, step, and accent lighting. When installing fully submersible LEDs, ships are eliminating the risk of electrical shock or fire hazards, while ensuring they will have the commercial lighting they need for daily use and in the event of emergencies.

    Because window display lights can burn almost constantly, retail businesses are choosing LED lights to create compelling, yet energy-efficient window displays. Plus, LEDs offer color changing and other special capabilities, creating possibilities that incandescent and compact fluorescent lights do not.

    Hospitals, hotels, and other businesses and institutions are permanently installing industrial LED lighting to create the uplighting that illuminates their facades. These LED installations are not only promoting environmentally responsible power consumption, but also demonstrating the striking visual effects possible with weather resistant LED commercial lighting.

    Purveyors of edible products such as wine, chocolate, and cheese are selecting commercial LED lighting to artfully showcase their wares without compromising the integrity of their products. Because of their low power consumption, LEDs generate little to no heat and do not emit the UV rays that can degrade the quality of food and wine.

    In addition, cities throughout the United States, Canada, and China are adopting LED lighting for municipal purposes such as street lights, parking garages, and city buildings. In 2007, Raleigh, NC was the first city to use commercial LED lighting solutions to benefit their citizens. The LED City Lighting Initiative was implemented because city officials realized that LED lighting would reduce maintenance costs, protect the environment, improve light quality for better visibility and safety, and save tax dollars.

    Consumers are choosing LED lighting for commercial and residential purposes because of its ecological, environmental, and aesthetic benefits. The popularity of commercial LED lighting continues to grow as individuals experience it first-hand and realize the enormous potential of LED technology.

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