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Advantages of 300x1200 LED Panel Light

  • Update:15-09-2016
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    Getting an 300x1200 LED panel light is definitely a ver […]

    Getting an 300x1200 LED panel light is definitely a very suitable option for every person who wants to enhance the natural light of his home and reduce his monthly expenses. Replacing your regular lamp or bulb with this LED panel can provide you numerous advantages and benefits, as it can be easily installed to any possible location and it can function better than any other lighting system.

    The 300x1200 LED panel light has a rectangular shape so you can install it to every room or place you want, ranging from your home to your office, a lobby, a restaurant, etc. The LED panel combines high quality LED chips and it has a minimum luminous efficiency of 75 lm/w, which means that it can illuminate the room appropriately, distributing the light equally. The LED panel body material is made specifically of aluminum, providing the user a resistant product that cannot be easily damaged.

    The LED panel has an input voltage that ranges between 100 V and 277 V and its color rendering index can exceed 80. With a beam angle of 110 degrees, the 300x1200 LED panel light illuminate the room evenly, providing you an average life span of 50000 hours. The working temperature of this LED panel varies from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius, so you can use it wherever you want without predisposing it to getting damaged.

    As it has a lamp luminous flux of 2900-5400 lm, the 300x1200 LED panel light will help you distribute the light it emits on a larger area of the room and, therefore, it will be a more valuable acquisition for your house. The light has a frequency range of 60 or 60 Hertz and an optimal dimmable feature that will allow you to modulate the light intensity and set it the way you want. Apart from this, the 300x1200 LED panel light is one of the most powerful LED panel because it has a typical power factor of 0.99 (and even higher based on the brand that manufactures it) and, compared to most lighting system, it can achieve a better performance in any situation, no matter it is used for one or ten hours.

    The 300x1200 LED panel light has a very functional design that combines sufficient LEDs and a 2100g net weight, but this LED panel can be successfully used for various purposes, including retrofitting existing fluorescent tube light installations. The 300x1200 LED panel light is equipped with numerous flush mounts that will allow you to install it easily and connect it to an energy source nearby. This panel will help you replace the useless fluorescent lamps and it can work with conventional grid panel light, so you will be able to use this LED panel wherever you need (home, office, school, restaurant, lobby, etc.) and install it in only a few moments using the installation guide provided in the product package.

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