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A Guide to LED Panels I

  • Update:12-08-2016
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    Thanks to their ease of use, Led Panels are becoming mo […]

    Thanks to their ease of use, Led Panels are becoming more popular than ever. Make sure you’re using them effectively by following these filmmaking tips.

    Some people may have mixed feelings about shooting with LED panels. On one hand, they are extremely convenient, efficient, and easy to set up. But at the same time, there are some undeniable downsides to working with them.

    Certain LED panels can cause color casting in footage, they are prone to flickering, and the quality of light itself isn’t as pleasing to the eye as tungsten or HMI lighting, until it is modified.

    With all that said, the benefits of shooting with LED panels outweigh the negatives. They are so light and portable and can effectively allow you to shoot well in nearly any situation. In years past, if you needed to capture a night scene in a really dark exterior environment (let’s say a forest or a beach), you would have no choice but to rent a generator.

    On small sets, generators are cumbersome to deal with, costly, and they can be very noisy, which of course is a problem for sound. LED panels, on the other hand, can be powered with a single V-Mount battery, which in turn solves the sound issue. Not to mention they stay cool when you’re working with them, making adjustments and teardown a breeze.

    So, for those of you that enjoy working with LED lighting, but still want the cinematic look, this post full of LED-based filmmaking tips is for you.

    LED panels, like many other light source, don’t typically generate very pleasing results when used directly. In other words, if you were to simply flick on your LED panel and point it at your talent, the overall quality of the light probably isn’t going to be what you’re looking for. Many corporate videos, events, and other lower budget productions mistakenly shoot this way with LED panels, and their footage can look very cheap.

    Instead, be sure to always use a modifier to soften up the light. You might want to get a softbox system for your LED panels, or you can simply use some silks or bounce the light.

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