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Knowing about LED Panel Light

  • Update:07-06-2016
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    Generally, an LED panel light can withstand the test of […]

    Generally, an LED panel light can withstand the test of time for up to five years, and it has high cost performance. It is indeed a cost-effective lighting source for various purposes. And there are a lot of advantages of using it.

    What we can observe today is that there is an increasing popularity in the adoption of LED panel light in almost every industry. Residential buildings and establishments are now making use of them for illuminating their spaces with consistent and luminous light. The use of these lighting sources later spread all over the world just like a contagious disease.

    It is a light fixture that is generally used for decorating signs and billboards. However, it is later used in homes and buildings because of the high demand for a cost-performance lighting source. Hence, it has several qualities that are hardly ever held by incandescent light fixtures and typical halogen.

    Besides, LED panel light is not as expensive as a fluorescent bulb regarding to power consumption as well. It is energy-saving yet powerful in throwing light on various structures and buildings. As a matter of fact, compared with other lighting counterparts, it could save up to 70% of energy.

    What’s more, it can be easily mounted or fitted on ceilings, walls and any other flat surfaces owing to its compact design and slim, which makes it an essential light fixture for modern structures. There are also some other dimensions that are different from the typical flat panel in rectangular shape.

    In addition, it is highly environmentally-friendly and does not produce thermal effect no matter how long it is used, because it does not emit infrared rays and malignant UV, except for the panels used as growing lights for hydroponic plants. Since it does not give off any harmful radiations, it is a good lighting option for schools, hotels, hospitals and other buildings.

    Even if you compare it to the incandescent, halogen fixtures and fluorescent, this light panel could exceed their brightness. It does not, however, hurt the eyes so much since the light is evenly spread rather than being concentrated on a single spot. Some manufacturers of them have also incorporated a dimmable feature so that the users could regulate the amount of light for special purposes. In fact, the dimmable LED lights are now extensively used in hospitals and clinics in which the privacy of the patients is an important matter. It starts right off as soon as the switch was turned on, which is unlike the usual light fixtures that we have at home.

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