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Improve the Illumination Uniformity of Panel Light II

  • Update:09-08-2016
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    The optical system of the Flat Panel Led Lighting redes […]

    The optical system of the Flat Panel Led Lighting redesigned by using lens array technology was simulated by Monte Carlo method. The pillar lens dimension is less than 1 millimeter and its aspect ratio is almost 1:1. The pillar lens is made of pmma, which can provide better transmittance than polycarbonate. The top view of the pillar lens is a quadrilateral form. And there is the same optical distribution with parallel lamp sides.

    The shape of the free form lens is similarly cylindrical. The lens diameter is less than 2 millimeter and its height is 1.5 millimeter. The free form lens is also made of pmma. The free form lens can provide better injection performance than the pillar lens due to its high-symmetrically cylindrical shape. However, it may also cause serious vagabond ray. Although the optical efficiency of free form lens is lower than that of pillar lens, it can improve illumination uniformity effectively.

    The candela distributions of current flat panel lights are usually not uniform enough due to that their view angles are almost more than 70% lumen focused on the view angle. The general office lighting design is setting a lamp spacing 1.8 meter. We hope to improve the indoor lighting efficiency, and then reduce the number of lamps and energy consumption.

    Generally, the space lighting efficiency depends on the lamp’s candela distribution and the space dimension of the computer room. The main and maximum illumination was focused in the center, and almost all rays were concentrated in the bottom of the lamps. So the illumination in the bottom of the lamp and near the center of the computer room is significantly strong than other areas.

    The difference between the maximum illumination and the average illumination around the center of the computer room is even larger than 500 Lux. Therefore, the space lighting performance is obviously non-uniform, and there are many dark areas around the corner and the wall of the computer classroom.

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