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Led Light are Gaining Popular for Many Reasons

  • Update:13-12-2016
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    Led Light are gaining popularity for many reasons. Here […]

    Led Light are gaining popularity for many reasons. Here is a quick rundown of what makes them the go to option.

    1. LED bulbs have a longer life span than many energy saving and all incandescent bulbs

    The average incandescent bulb is designed to last around 1200 hours and were renowned for needing to be replaced fairly regularly. Modern LED bulbs are designed to last for around 50,000 hours which means with an average use of 6 hours per day your bulbs are likely to last 20 years!

    2. LED light bulbs are more energy efficient and save you money on your electricity bill

    With the cost of electrcity going up every year, finding ways to save energy is becoming increasingly important so if you can be saving around 50% of your lighting costs per year, just by changing your lightbulbs to LED ones, that seems like a smart move

    3. Lighting colour flexibility

    Gone are the days where LED’s only came in bright bright white that most people found offputting. Now you can find LED bulbs in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to suit most commercial and residential needs.

    4. Applications vary from strand lights to standard bulb shaped lights and everywhere in between. Small solar LED lights can be used in the garden to provide ambient lighting for pathways or social gathering areas. They can also be used in a large number for commercial uses such as for buildings, streets, and signs. Optics provide even more options since LEDs can be used for directional lighting. This means that most LED fixtures provide lighting where required and are dark sky compliant.

    5. LED lights are safer as they contain no mercury like fluorescent lamps, have no glass tubes that can break, and are resistant to vibrations and impact.

    6. LED lamps have been created in the same style as old style lamps and can easily be installed into almost any fixture. Lamps have become readily available for household and have gained popularity since the phase out of standard incandescent light bulbs. Find out more about the phase out of incandescent lamps.

    So LED lamps, whether for solar lighting systems or standard electric applications, are becoming the best option.What other reasons do you think should be added to this list? Let us know below.

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