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Recently, there are thousands of enterprises that produce LED panel lights, then, how about the qualities of these LED panel lights? And is it really like the product manual says that the service lives of these LED panel lights are about 30000 hours, and they are energy conservation and environment protection?


Actually, from a long term inspection of LED panel lights consumption, in order to save money, most consumers are more likely to choose those cheap but performance unguaranteed LED panel manufacturers. For example, one consumer purchased a batch of LED panel lights from an untrusted Shenzheng manufacturer to finish his restaurant. However, problems frequently occur to these lights after a short time. This consumer then went to that manufacturer again, but they didn’t give him any resolution. At last, the consumer came to our manufacture, and after several negotiations, we provide a solution to him. Meanwhile, we checked those lights and have found some problems which are also frequent problems for most LED panel lights:


1.Encapsulation failure: it means the components damaged due to incorrect encapsulation design or manufacturing technique.The eposy resin used in the encapsulation will degrade during its using process, and cause the light service life shorten. In addition, it will also cause problems on refractive index, light transmissivity, hardness, dilatation coefficient, ventilate, water permeability, packing function, etc.


2.Electrical overstress failure: it is that ESD may damage the chip in the process of EOS, causing the open circuit of the chip and eventually leading to this failure.


3.The thermal stress failure: temperature is always an important factor that influences the LED optical property. This kind of failure is caused by the temperature increment in the encapsulation pin welding point which will increase the junction temperature at the same time, while the thermal resistance still remains the same as before, therefore, the LED will fault ahead of schedule.


The above are all essential elements that will affect the LED panel light. Actually, selecting good LED panel light manufacturer is essential as well. If you need LED panel lights, Outian could be your first and best choice.

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