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Cost Benefits of Led Light

  • Update:14-12-2016
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    Cost Savings: Led Light offers a lot of benefits, but a […]

    Cost Savings: Led Light offers a lot of benefits, but arguably the biggest benefit, when it comes to commercial and industrial settings is their cost savings. Take a single 60 watt LED bulb, for example. Assuming that the bulb costs $35 and that electricity is $0.10 kWh, the total cost to operate this light for 50,000 hours would be about $85.

    Based on the same electrical costs, it would cost over $350 to run an incandescent bulb for $50,000. The more lights you’re running, the more the savings add up. Business owners and plant managers are always looking to cut costs and add money to their bottom line. LED lighting is one way they can accomplish this.

    Long-Lasting: We already hit on this benefit in the above section on energy efficiency, but it’s worth mentioning again. Yes, LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours – a far cry from the 1,200 hours of incandescent bulbs.

    And while it’s generally easy to change out a bulb in your home, the long-lasting benefits of LED lights are certainly beneficial in things like automotive headlights or overhead warehouse lighting, where bulb changes are a bit more of a pain.

    Yes, while it’s true that LED lights come with more of an upfront cost than incandescent ones, the long-lasting features of this lighting style, as well as the cost savings from its lesser energy draw, more than make up for it in the long run.

    Availability: LED lights aren’t specialty applications anymore. In fact, for many, they’re the norm when it comes to lighting. Yes, LED lights are widely available in a bevy of different formats. There’s really no good excuse to not be using them.

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