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Upgrade Factory Lighting with Commercial LED Lighting

  • Update:07-07-2016
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    If you have a factory or some other commercial location […]

    If you have a factory or some other commercial location, you know how expensive it can be to light it. Using standard tube lighting can not only cost a lot, but they also leave a good sized carbon footprint. Besides, as they contain mercury, they are considered hazardous waste as well. As a result, this form of lighting is now regarded as outdated and inefficient.

    You know, most factory lighting is done with tube or halogen lighting. The elevated cost to operate this lighting does not just come from the power they use. It also comes from the cost of the replacement bulbs, the labor it involves to change them, and the proper disposal of the hazardous waste. The carbon emissions are very high on these bulbs, too.

    In fact, a much smarter way to light your facility is with commercial LED lighting. LED stands for "light emitting diode". It is a small but powerful light that takes very little energy to run. They also do not emit carbon like tube and halogen lighting does. These factors make LED lights much better than standard lights.

    It is said that by switching from tube lighting to LED lighting, your lighting costs can easily be reduced by up to 85%. Moreover, LED lights last for ten years or more. So, there is a cost reduction in energy, bulb replacement, labor for bulb replacement, and disposal.

    In most cases, the conversion from conventional lighting to LED lighting is fairly easy. The company you are working with will come out to evaluate your facility. They will determine what kind of commercial LED lighting is best for your location and give you a quote. And usually, your existing light fixtures and wiring can be reused or converted.

    If it cannot be reused or converted, they will also quote you on replacing all the wiring and fixtures. Because these companies are trying to be environmentally responsible, they will reuse as much materials as possible when revamping your factory lighting. The better companies will also dispose of your old, unsafe lighting at no charge.

    Many companies also offer full upgrades at your facility. These upgrades include occupancy controls, which have motion sensors that automatically turn lights on when someone walks into the room or area. They also try to find ways to increase natural light in addition to commercial LED lighting.

    No matter which way you upgrade your factory lighting, it is a smarter choice. It will provide a safe and environmentally friendly work area. And the amount of money your business will save will be well worth the investment to convert your lighting. More information about Commercial LED Lighting at http://www.outianlighting.com/ .

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