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LED Panel Light Key Components

  • Update:26-07-2016
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    As the rapid development of LED lighting industry, LED […]

    As the rapid development of LED lighting industry, LED panel light, as one popular back light LED lamp, is well-known for its streamlined structure design, uniform light output and no glare problem. Nowadays, LED panel light has become one of the most popular LED lamps in modern interior lighting.

    This article will give an overview about LED panel light structural components and its performance.

    1. LED Panel Light Body Frame: LED panel light body frame is the edge cover that is designed for the purpose of inner protection and thermal conductivity. Usually, LED panel light body frame is commonly made of aluminum, with the advantage of good heat dissipation and sleek outlook. In order to save cost and for sake of security consideration, now many LED lighting manufacturers adopted PVC as frame material. Compared with aluminum panel light frame, PVC made-up frame is more excellent on security and poorer on heat conductivity.

    2. LED Panel Light Light Source: Now, LED is mostly applied in LED lamps. LED is the light source applied in LED panel light. Similar to LED tube lights, LED is widely applied in LED panel light with the advantage of high luminous output and lower cost.

    3. LED Panel Light Guide Plate(Light Panel): Light guide plate is the core component for LED panel light. Light panel design is the key technique for light output effect. Poor light panel will lead to non-uniformity of light and dark spot. In order to improve light efficacy, LED lighting manufacturers try to use high quality light panel or perfect panel design. At present, open mold light panel is widely acceptable in the lighting market.

    4. LED Panel Light Diffuser: LED panel light diffuser is applied to guide light output and dimmed panel light custom mode. As usual, panel light diffuser is made from PMMA or PC. PMMA-made diffuser is high on efficacy, which can reach up to 92%. PC-made diffuser is excellent on oxidation resistance. At present, PMMA is considerably used in the market.

    5. Reflective Plate: Reflector is applied to improve light efficacy for the purpose of high brightness. It is made from translucent nanoscale material, of which the reflective rate can reach up to 92%.

    6. Installation Accessories: Suspension wire, mounting bracket, screws,etc. are used in LED panel light installation. For the sake of marketing, LED panel light manufacturer and sellers will spend expenditure on panel light accessories design in order to upgrade its appearance design quality. That is something to be considered in marketing.

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