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How to Choose LED Panel Light

  • Update:24-06-2016
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    LED light is a new kind of light, because it is appreci […]

    LED light is a new kind of light, because it is appreciated by its features of energy saving and environmental protection. More and more people are taking use of LED panel lighting instead of traditional light. However, LED lights are complicated and numerous, and the quality is in various levels which make customers confused. So it is important to know the skills of selecting LED lights.

    When selecting LED light, you need to aware that different qualities charge for different prices. Generally, high-quality LED light is well-distributed and symmetrical without black spots. Also, it is necessary to fudge the quality of LED light according to the power. Lumen of best LED light bulbs can be a kind of reference when purchase LED light. The lower the power consumption is, the higher the lumen is, and the product's light efficiency will be higher and product’s property will be better as well. Led light is the perfect one with low power, high lighting and reasonable price. As a new kinds of light, led has advantage in energy saving, environmental protection an even its working life, and they are better than the traditional lights.

    Though there are obvious advantages in LED light, especially its working life is longer than the traditional one, if there are inappropriate operations in people's daily life, LED light's working life can be shortened.

    Firstly, the sudden rise of supply voltage. There are many reasons to explain why the sudden rise of voltage, such as the quality of power source or the inappropriate usage. Secondly, partial short-circuit of led power supply channel, it is mainly because the short circuit of a component or printed line or other wire makes voltage rise. Thirdly, one LED light causes short circuit for its own quality, and the original voltage is converted to other led lights. Fourthly, lights are bad at dissipation, and the high temperature destroys LED light. Fifthly, water goes into light, and water short-circuits the light. Last but not the least, the anti-static work has not been prepared in the process of assembly, and the interior of LED has been damaged by static.

    In conclusion, customers should always keep in mind that they should pay more attention to these reasons which will cause damages to LED lights, and then take measures to prevent these phenomenon.

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