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How to check Outian Light

  • Update:23-05-2016
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    Check engine light; don't ignore it.All modern vehicles […]

    Check engine light; don't ignore it.All modern vehicles have a computer or Electronic Control Module that controls the engine operation. It also performs onboard diagnostics which are referred to as obdii. The main purpose of this module is to keep the engine running at top efficiency with the lowest possible emissions. Today’s strict emission regulations are not very easy to achieve – to keep it in compliance, the engine needs to be constantly and precisely adjusted according to various conditions such as speed, load, engine temperature, gasoline quality, ambient air temperature, road conditions, etc.

    A Check Engine Light is also known as a Malfunction Indicator Lamp, and is a part of the On-Board Diagnostics System. Engines are now managed through computers in terms of their performance, working condition, service requirements, wear and tear, and the like. It is no more a matter of checking everything manually; rather computers are present to take up this responsibility. A check engine light is usually placed in the instrument panel.

    On the other hand, a Service Engine Light is something different. A service engine light indicates that a service is required, probably only an oil change or minor regular maintenance; it never indicates a problem as in the case of a check engine light. Although both are warning lights, they differ greatly in terms of urgency and/or a threat.

    The number of people who do not understand what a check engine light means is higher than those who do. Buying a car is easier in comparison to its maintenance. A vehicle's engine requires repair and maintenance at regular intervals, but people do not give this as much importance as it requires. Probably this was the reason why the check engine light was introduced.

    A check engine light is an indicator of the engine's condition. When it's lit it signals something that the vehicle's owner or the occupant must understand. Usually a check engine light lights up in following modes:

    A steady light: It signals a minor problem associated with the engine that is not urgent but is certainly important.
    A blinking light: It signals a major problem associated with the engine which is both urgent as well as important.
    A yellow light: It signals that the engine needs to be checked, but it does not identify the exact problem.
    A red light: It signals a potential threat, a serious one.

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